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Which FELIWAY Should I Use, and When?

Which FELIWAY Should I Use, and When?

Everyday life comes with its challenges for our feline friends. From stress to overgrooming, urine spraying to inter-pet conflict, and even simple changes in the home – there is a lot for our kitties to adapt to.

Whatever the situation, FELIWAY has a range of cat calming solutions to help cats adapt and thrive. 

Feliway Product information

So, which product should you use, and when?

When should I use FELIWAY Optimum?

Developed especially with cats in mind and featuring the latest scientific advances, FELIWAY Optimum is our most advanced formula yet, designed to address a broader range of feline behaviours and emotions, ensuring that your cats thrive in every aspect of their lives.

Optimum combines the power of multiple pheromones to provide comprehensive support for your cats' emotional well-being.

This unique blend targets a wider range of behaviours, from stress-related issues to territorial conflicts, ensuring a more holistic approach to feline behaviour management.

Cat Behaviour Problems FELIWAY Optimum supports:


Whether you're dealing with occasional stress triggers or ongoing behavioural challenges, the long-lasting effects of Optimum ensure that your cat receives consistent comfort and reassurance throughout the day and night.


Situations to use FELIWAY Optimum

  • Introducing a new cat in the home when you are bringing a new cat into your home. Plug it into a separate room for the new cat, and also into the place where your resident cat spends most of their time.  

  • Moving home – Optimum will help your cat adjust in times of major change.  Use it in the run-up to your move as you start packing up your home, and also in a separate room in your new home, to help your cat adjust.

  • Preparing for a new baby in the home – use FELIWAY Optimum as you begin to prepare for your new arrival to the family. This will help your cat adjust to new objects, new scents/sounds, change of routine and when the baby arrives. 

  • Changes in routine – any change around the home, whether it be in routine, redecorating, or moving of furniture, can make your cat feel anxious. For long-term changes, use FELIWAY Optimum. Each refill provides 30 days of enhanced serenity.
black and white cat sat in suitcase

When should I use FELIWAY Classic?

FELIWAY Classic is the original product innovation created for cat well-being over 25 years ago! Trusted by cat owners and veterinarians for years to help alleviate stress-related behaviours, such as urine marking, scratching, and hiding.

With FELIWAY Classic, you can continue to rely on the same clinically proven formula to keep your cat feeling safe and secure in their environment.

Available as a diffuser or as a spray, it continues to be an excellent solution to help your cat feel comfortable at home and reduce signs of stress.

Problems FELIWAY Classic supports:

Situations to use FELIWAY Classic 

  •  Visits to the vets. Using FELIWAY Classic Spray in the cat carrier, in the car and while at the vets will help your cat feel more comfortable during their visit.

  • Urinating outside the litter tray. It’s important to understand the reason why your cat has started to urinate outside their litter tray, and rectify the problem; it could be that you have changed the substrate, or you’ve moved the tray to a different location. To support your cat, make sure you clean the contaminated area thoroughly, plug in a FELIWAY Classic diffuser in the area, and consider additional support by using FELIWAY Classic Spray directly on the impacted area to help your cat feel more comfortable, and prevent them from repeating the behaviour.

Use Classic Spray for targeted action on your cat's bedding or in their carrier - where you want your cat to feel reassured and comforted, or where they have sprayed to encourage them not to mark or spray in that place again. Do not use on a scratching post, as this is where you want your kitty to stretch those paws and scratch!


When should I use FELIWAY Help!?

FELIWAY Help! is an ideal solution that will help in temporary stressful situations that your cat might find themselves in.

The diffuser starts working quickly and lasts 7 days. Each pack comes with a promotion to claim an additional cartridge for free, giving you an extra 7 days of pheromone support.

    Situations to use FELIWAY Help!

    Temporary situations where FELIWAY Help! can support your cat include:

    • A weekend away. Cats can cope on their own for a night, as long as you leave plenty of food and water for them. Help them remain calm by using FELIWAY Help! during your absence.

    • Temporary house guests - or planning a party. Cats don’t like change, so when you have new people visit for a few days - or if you are planning a party, use FELIWAY Help! to provide short-term support for your kitty. Plug it into a room where your cat can will retreat to undisturbed while new people are around. It will give 7 days of calming pheromones to help your cat relax before, during, and after any change.

    • Moving furniture. Changing the layout of your home can take some getting used to for cats! Use FELIWAY Help! Start to use it one or two days before any big changes, for 7 days of calming support to help your cat adjust.

    • A stay at the veterinary clinic results in inherent change to your cat's routine (even if the stay is short) and involves moving your cat from their home territory to the veterinary clinic and a stay in the hospitalisation ward. In addition your cat will need to be handled at the clinic and may experience discomfort due to the surgery or illness they are being treated for. If your cat's stay in the hospital lasts a few days, the familiar pheromone messages and scents left by your cat in your home may have faded. Additionally, your cat will bring back unfamiliar smells from the clinic with them.

      If you have other pets (cats or dogs), they may not welcome your cat on their return home, and may even be aggressive towards them. This is due to their absence from the household, the different odours they bring from the clinic, their sometimes altered appearance (e.g. wearing a medical collar, bandaging) and they may move or act differently.
    two cute kittens

    When should I use FELIWAY Friends?

    If you have two or more cats in your home, and they are not getting along, FELIWAY Friends can help them get along better. The cat appeasing pheromone specifically targets the social dynamics between multiple cats, helping to facilitate a sense of familiarity and comfort. By mimicking the natural feline pheromones, it encourages bonding and reduces conflicts, even among cats that may not have the smoothest relationships.

    When used continuously, it will help to maintain harmony between them. Did you know; FELIWAY Friends was the first product that was scientifically proven to reduce conflict and tension between cats living in the same household! 


    Problems FELIWAY Friends! supports:

    • General aggression, including fighting, chasing, blocking and staring
    • Helps build a bond between cats

    Situations to use FELIWAY Friends!

    • Aggression between cats. It can take time for cats to learn to get along, and sharing a home with another cat can be stressful for them. Recognise the subtle signs of aggression between cats, make sure they all have their own resources, and use FELIWAY Friends! to introduce a calm atmosphere and help your cats become less stressed. 


    • If you have a multi-cat household, then FELIWAY Friends can be helpful to support their relationship.
    Cat asleep on owners lap who's reading a book

    Finding the right FELIWAY for you

    Still not sure which FELIWAY to use?

    • FELIWAY Optimum provides overall serenity for your cat in the home. It c ombines the power of multiple pheromones to provide comprehensive support for your cats' emotional well-being.
    • If you’re planning a temporary change, weekend break or following a vet visit you may need some extra support for 7 days with FELIWAY Help!  
    • If you have two or more cats who are struggling to get along, FELIWAY Friends can help them be more tolerant and reduce conflict.
    • FELIWAY Classic, as the original FELIWAY, utilises the  feline appeasing pheromone and has helped cats to feel comfortable at home, reducing signs of cat stress for over 25 years!  

    Whatever support your cat needs, FELIWAY has a cat calming solution for all feline behaviour problems and stress situations.

    Get in touch and we’ll be happy to share all our tips! You can also stay informed with all the latest information about FELIWAY Optimum and all our products by signing up to our newsletter. 

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