FELIWAY was first introduced to vets back in 1996. For more than 25 years the FELIWAY research team has been developing its expertise in feline behaviour. With the support of world-renowned feline experts they continue to research and build the evidence behind FELIWAY.

FELIWAY has changed the lives of cats and their parents for the better!

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2023 - Happy Snack by FELIWAY, calmness at your fingertips

A new solutions to help cats and owners to strengthen their relationship.

Happy Snack by FELIWAY contains alpha-casozepine, a well-known calming ingredient from milk, which is available for the first time in a creamy delicious treat.

Each box has 6 chicken-flavoured sticks. Share a special moment with your cat every day!

2022 - FELIWAY Help! A solution for temporary stressful situations

Designed with cat parents in mind, this new compact diffuser has a convenient cartridge system. Each cartridge provides soothing pheromones for up to 7 days.

FELIWAY Help! is ideal for temporary stressful situations such as weekends or short stays away, guests or parties at home, redecoration or returning home from vet stays.

2021 - 25 years worth celebrating!

Many events marked the FELIWAY 25 celebrations: a photo contest, a retrospective book, awards for delightful cat stories....

And even a song, our hit in summer 2021, which you can discover in this video!

2020 - FELIWAY Optimum, an incredible discovery

The FELIWAY research team has been working for over 25 years to gain a better understanding of how cats communicate. This passion to better understand how to speak 'cat' led to an incredible discovery: FELIWAY Optimum.

With the help of new bioengineering technologies, the team discovered a new Feline Pheromone Complex. Based on these latest scientific advances, FELIWAY Optimum is more effective than ever in reducing the common signs of stress in cats.

Over 93% of users said that after using FELIWAY Optimum for 1 month their cat showed enhanced serenity.

With FELIWAY Optimum, FELIWAY confirms its commitment to furthering the well-being of cats.

2016 - FELIWAY Friends, for harmony between cats

FELIWAY Friends, with its maternal appeasing pheromone, helps to reduce conflict between cats living together, and prevents signs like fighting, chasing, blocking and staring.

FELIWAY Friends helps your cats get along better at home, maintaining harmony. A real revolution for families with more than 1 cat!

2001 - The first FELIWAY diffuser, for continuous cat well-being

After the discovery of the feline facial pheromone and its fantastic benefits in reducing urine marking, scratching, etc., the challenge for FELIWAY was to provide a practical solution for use in the home that would last a long time.

Thanks to extensive research into the diffusion of pheromones in the air, the FELIWAY Classic diffuser was launched in 2001 and is a real transformation for all FELIWAY users.

Easy to use, it ensures a constant diffusion of pheromones, for the continuous well-being of cats at home.

1996 - FELIWAY Spray, the very first product for cat well-being

Before FELIWAY Spray, there was simply no cat well-being product available; no simple and effective solution to reduce urine spraying or scratching. Owners were often feeling desperate.

For vets, the arrival of FELIWAY Spray was a real turning point, as they could soothe cats in their clinics and bring relief to cats and their cat parents at home. FELIWAY was a real change for cat well-being.