The best ever FELIWAY, for enhanced serenity!

FELIWAY Optimum Starter Kit

FELIWAY Optimum Starter Kit
FELIWAY Optimum Starter Kit
FELIWAY Optimum Starter Kit
FELIWAY Optimum Starter Kit
FELIWAY Optimum Starter Kit
FELIWAY Optimum Starter Kit
FELIWAY Optimum Starter Kit

FELIWAY Optimum Starter Kit

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The most advanced FELIWAY solution to help solve the common signs of stress in cats:

  • Scratching,
  • Urine spraying,
  • Tension and Conflict between cats,
  • Hiding,
  • Reactions to changes.
Up to 30 days of serenity
For every sale of Feliway Optimum Diffuser 10p is donated to Cats Protection, committed to raising at least £45,000.00 during a 3-year period.
(Registered Charity Numbers 203644 & SC037711)

  • 1 x Diffuser
  • 1 x Vial FELIWAY Optimum 48 ml

How to use FELIWAY Optimum ?

Easy to use

  • Plug the diffuser into an electrical socket.
  • For the best calming effect, leave the diffuser switched on 24/7.
  • Replace the refill every 30 days as needed.

Good to know

  • Each diffuser refill covers an area of 70m²
  • Avoid plugging in the diffuser under shelves, behind doors, curtains or furniture, as it will not work properly.

More information

  • A new feline pheromone complex.
  • 93% of cat parents noticed their cat showed enhanced serenity.
  • Reduces common stress related signs.
  • For optimal effect, leave plugged in 24/7 and change the refill each month.
  • Patented formula.
  • Scientifically proven.


Find out how cats and their parents are enjoying enhanced serenity with FELIWAY Optimum:

Loss of Appetite


Risotto has been an anxious little cat since Martin, our son, was born. Risotto meowed every night. Risotto would wake the baby up at 6am, and stop as soon as...
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FELIWAY Optimum Starter Kit
Sunny & Star
Scratching Urine Spraying

Sunny & Star

Sunny and Star love to scratch at the carpets. There was a time when I spent more time at home, which coincided with the desire to do some work and...
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FELIWAY Optimum Starter Kit
Khaleesi & Snow Belle
Conflict Urine Spraying

Khaleesi & Snow Belle

Khaleesi, has already had 2 owners. The one from whom we adopted her informed us that his cat was bullying her. As a result, we encountered a few problems when...
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FELIWAY Optimum Starter Kit
Prunelle | 3 years old

Prunelle | 3 years old

I have been testing FELIWAY Optimum for a fortnight now. The results on my cat are starting to show. Less agitation and less scratching, especially on the sofa. I find...
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FELIWAY Optimum Starter Kit

How does FELIWAY® Optimum work?

FELIWAY® Optimum works by releasing calming messages around the home that provide enhanced serenity for cats. This helps to solve common signs of stress such as scratching, urine spraying, tension and conflict, hiding, and reacting to changes. The new pheromone complex FELIWAY® Optimum uses is designed to mimic the natural calming signals cats use to mark an environment as safe. This advanced formula enhances these calming effects, helping cats to feel more secure and relaxed.

Where should I use FELIWAY® Optimum?

For the best results, you should use FELIWAY® Optimum in the room where your cat spends most of their time. Plug the diffuser into a properly functioning electrical socket that has clear space above it of at least 4ft (1.2m). This allows the oily vapor that carries the calming messages to rise above the diffuser in a column of warm air and into the surrounding environment.

When should I use FELIWAY® Optimum?

For the best results, it’s recommended that FELIWAY® Optimum is used constantly or for a minimum of at least one month. Simply leave the diffuser plugged into an electric socket 24/7 to provide ongoing support and enhanced serenity for your cat.
You should consider using FELIWAY® Optimum in the following situations:

• If your cat is urine spraying
• If your cat is scratching walls or furniture
• If your cat shows signs of stress such as hiding, reduced activity or appetite, or overgrooming
• If you are anticipating changes to your home (e.g. moving house, renovations, redecorating your home, or arrival of a new pet or person into the household)
• If you have two or more cats living with you and they show signs of tension (e.g. chasing, blocking, or staring) or if they are fighting?

How long does FELIWAY® Optimum take to work?

When using FELIWAY® Optimum, many cat parents start to see results for their cat within the first seven days of use. However, all cats are different. The first signs of enhanced serenity may come later depending on the duration and severity of your cat’s signs of stress. We recommend using FELIWAY® Optimum for a period of at least one month, and ideally use it continuously for the maximum benefit.

How long should I use FELIWAY® Optimum for?

Most cats benefit from the continued use of FELIWAY® Optimum to create a pleasant environment in the home, with the minimum recommended duration being one month of use. This ensures that FELIWAY® Optimum has time to take full, though you could start to see enhanced serenity in your cat much sooner.

Where should FELIWAY® Optimum NOT be used?

To ensure your FELIWAY® Optimum diffuser can work as effectively as possible, you should avoid using it in:
• Hallways - Cats naturally spend very little of their time in hallways, so FELIWAY® Optimum will have a reduced effect if used here.
• Near the litter box – Likewise, cats spend very little time near their litter tray, so the efficacy would be reduced if used here. If the litter box is in the room where your cat spends the most time, there is no problem plugging it in this room.

Does FELIWAY® Optimum fit FELIWAY® Classic diffusers?

Yes, FELIWAY® Optimum refills are compatible with FELIWAY® Classic and FELIWAY® Friends diffusers. Each FELIWAY® product uses the same type of diffuser, making them easily interchangeable when needed.

What is the difference between FELIWAY® Optimum and FELIWAY® Classic?

FELIWAY® Classic and FELIWAY® Optimum both work in similar ways, but they differ in the formulation of the messages they release into the environment. FELIWAY® Classic releases “happy messages” that mimic the natural chemicals cats use to mark an area as safe and secure, known as pheromones. FELIWAY® Optimum, on the other hand, uses a pheromone complex that has been specially designed using bioengineering technologies. FELIWAY® Optimum is our best ever FELIWAY® product for enhanced serenity, helping to solve the common signs of stress in cats.