Expert Tips

  1. Research the cattery

    • Make sure they have a a license and insurance.
    • Do your research and read reviews from other cat owners, or get recommendations.
    • Ask to visit before your cat is due to stay
    • Check any vaccination requirements
  2. Safe Travel with a Cat

    • Ensure your cat is used to their cat carrier before travelling
    • Limit food prior to travel to avoid travel sickness
    • Use a cat carrier cover to help your cat feel safe and secure
    • Use FELIWAY Classic Spray in the cat carrier
  3. Pack familiar items for your cat

    • Pack their favourite toy or blanket - the familiar smell will help your cat to relax
    • Communicate any specific needs for your cat to the cattery team
  4. Use FELIWAY at the Cattery

    • Many catteries already use FELIWAY
    • Consider leaving a FELIWAY Classic Spray at the cattery for your cats area
    • Apply 3 times a day onto your cats blanket (leave 15mins to dry)
  5. Support your cat when you are back home

    • Your cat will not have been around to mark their home with happy messages
    • Plug in a FELIWAY Help Diffuser as soon as you get home
    • FELIWAY will provide happy messages and give your cat time to start facial marking their own
    • Calming pheromones diffuse quickly (about 15 mins)

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Ideal for temporary stressful situations, such as: Weekends or short trips away from home Friends/family over for a party Redecoration or changes at home Returning home after a stay at the vets Helps to reduce the common signs of feline...
FELIWAY Classic Spray
FELIWAY Classic Spray helps to soothe your cat during travel and provides additional help at home. Transporting in a cat carrier Vet visits Targeted action on marked areas (urine or scratching)
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For the puurfect Cattery Stay:

By following these tips, you can find a reputable cattery and help reduce your cat's stress during their stay. Remember, a little bit of research and preparation can go a long way in ensuring your cat's comfort and happiness while you're away.And don't forget to consider using FELIWAY products to help create a calm and relaxing environment for your feline friend.

Need more expert advice on a cattery ?

There are many options for your cat when you go away, from cat sitters to full board for your cat at a cattery. Take a look at these 7 top tips for a puurfect cattery stay for your cat.

Combine cat calming solutions

We recommend using FELIWAY Spray to help your cat relax whilst travelling. Simply spray the inside of your cat carrier on the top, bottom and each corner at least 15 minutes before travelling and before introducing the cat, this will provide a calming, happier environment that will reassure your cat whilst travelling. Spray once in each corner and two sprays each on the top and bottom of the carrier.When you arrive, plug in a FELIWAY Help!  Diffuser. The pheromones will diffuse quickly (about 15mins) providing comforting messages of safety and security for 7 days while your furry friend settles back in and can start to leave their own messages of happiness!