Help My Cat is scared of fireworks


Expert tips to help comfort your cat during fireworks

  1. Keep them away from the bang

    • Help keep the noise of fireworks to a minimum
    • Close curtains and doors
    • Close and lock the cat flap
    • Turn up the TV or Radio to mask the noise
  2. Provide lots of hiding places

    • Let them rest quietly undisturbed. Do NOT try and coax your cat out - it will cause more stress.
    • Make hiding spaces extra cosy with blankets
    • Use FELIWAY Classic Spray apply to the blanket or hiding place and leave for 15 minutes before allowing your cat access
  3. Check on all the essential cat resources

    • Make sure there is enough food, water and clean litter trays. Each cat should have access to at least one)
    • Plug in FELIWAY Optimum where your cat likes to spend most of their time.
    • Leave the diffuser plugged in and turned on

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Cats and fireworks: a guide to a stress-free bonfire night

Why are cats scared of fireworks?

Cats like to be in control

The loud bangs and crashes, are disorienting to your cats sensitive hearing and certainly not part of their daily routine.

Cats want to get away from the noises and will try and find a quiet, dark place to hide from the noise.ย 

Expert Advice

In this article, our veterinary expert Dr. Alexandra Beck explains exactly why your cat finds fireworks SO unappealing and shares her top tips on how you can help them tolerate the bangs, fizzes and pops.

Keep your cat indoors, especially after dark, when you know that fireworks celebrations are due. If they get scared when they are outdoors they may bolt in any direction trying to find a safe place to hide, but could get disoriented and get lost. Read more in this article to help your cat stay serene during fireworks.