The FELIWAY research team has been working for over 25 years to gain a better understanding of how cats communicate. With the help of new bioengineering technologies, the team discovered a new pheromone complex. The discovery of this complex brings enhanced serenity for cats. In this video, Professor P. Pageat explains why FELIWAY Optimum is such an incredible discovery.

FELIWAY Optimum Starter Kit

FELIWAY Optimum Starter Kit


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What are pheromones

Tested and approved by cats and their parents

After 1 month of use, cat parents observed positive changes, with a significant reduction in all of the signs of feline stress that were assessed.

93% of
FELIWAY® Optimum users noticed their cats showed enhanced serenity*.

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Calms cats better than ever

FELIWAY® Optimum reduces the appearance of common signs of stress, whilst delivering enhanced serenity.

**De Jaeger, X. , Meppiel, L. , Endersby, S. and Sparkes, A. (2021) An Initial Open-Label Study of a Novel Pheromone Complex for Use in Cats. Open Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 11, 105-116. doi: 10.4236/ojvm.2020.113006.

How will FELIWAY Optimum help my cat?

Our cats like to live in a calm & consistent environment. However, our modern lifestyle sometimes conflicts with this need - our cats are not always fans of our hectic, busy, social and changing lifestyles!

Changes in our lives that can affect our cats include:

In fact, even changes that seem trivial to us can be stressful for cats, such as different smells on our clothing. Some cats show obvious signs they are not coping with these changes. These signs can be:

However, for other cats it may be less obvious. More subtle signs include being less active, having a reduced appetite or overgrooming.

FELIWAY Optimum's new pheromone complex helps to further reassure our cats with a message of enhanced serenity. This holistic message helps cats feel more comfortable and secure in their home, by providing reassurance as well as harmony between cats living together.

That's why FELIWAY Optimum will make your cat feel happier and improve your already loving bond!


Find out how cats and their parents are enjoying enhanced serenity with FELIWAY Optimum:

Risotto has been an anxious little cat since Martin, our son, was born. Risotto meowed every night. Risotto would wake the baby up at 6am, and stop as soon...
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FELIWAY Optimum Starter Kit
Sunny and Star love to scratch at the carpets. There was a time when I spent more time at home, which coincided with the desire to do some work...
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FELIWAY Optimum Starter Kit
Khaleesi & Snow Belle
Conflict Urine Spraying

Khaleesi & Snow Belle

Khaleesi, has already had 2 owners. The one from whom we adopted her informed us that his cat was bullying her. As a result, we encountered a few problems...
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FELIWAY Optimum Starter Kit
Prunelle | 3 years old

Prunelle | 3 years old

I have been testing FELIWAY Optimum for a fortnight now. The results on my cat are starting to show. Less agitation and less scratching, especially on the sofa....
FELIWAY Optimum Starter Kit