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Summer Serenity: Helping Your Kitty Stay Calm

Summer Serenity: Helping Your Kitty Stay Calm

Hey there, fellow cat lovers! As the sun starts shining brighter and the days get warmer, it's prime time to talk about keeping our feline friends feeling chill during the summer hustle and bustle. Our furry pals can get a bit jittery with all the changes, but fear not – we've got a secret weapon up our sleeves: FELIWAY 

Let's dive into how this magical solution can turn your kitty's summer stress into summer bliss. 

1. Let's Get Cozy: First things first, how does FELIWAY work?

It's like a spa day in a bottle for your cat! Packed with a copy of the pheromones that kitties release when they're feeling super chill, FELIWAY Optimum is like a warm hug for your furry buddy, helping them relax and unwind even when the summer vibes are in full swing. 

2. Are Summer Activities Causing Cat Stress?

Summer can bring all sorts of stressors for our kitties – from noisy garden parties to sweltering heatwaves. But with FELIWAY Optimum by their side, they'll breeze through the season like a pro! This nifty product creates a zen-like atmosphere that helps your cat feel safe and secure, no matter what summer throws their way. 


cat resting on garden chair in sunshine


3. Planning a Summer Getaway?

Taking your furry friend on holidays might not always be possible, but with FELIWAY Optimum, you can still ensure they're feeling calm and content while you're away. Take a look at our top tips for cat sitters and then simply plug in the diffuser before you leave, and let it work its magic while you're off soaking up the sun. Your kitty will thank you for it, and you can relax knowing they're in good hands – or should we say, good pheromones! 


4. Heading on a Road Trip and Want to Travel with Your Cat?

Fear not – FELIWAY has a solution for that too! FELIWAY Classic offers a handy spray version that's perfect for travel. Just spritz it in your cat's carrier before hitting the road, and let the calming pheromones work their magic, this targeted action will help your cat feel more comfortable and at ease in their space.

This can help ease any travel jitters and keep your kitty feeling comfortable and secure throughout the journey. Plus, it's compact and easy to pack, so you can take it with you wherever your adventures may lead. With this spray by your side, traveling with your cat can be a breeze – for both of you! 

Do not spray FELIWAY Classic Spray on your cat and wait 15mins before allowing your cat into their carrier.

cat relaxing in carrier


5. Easy-Peasy, Stress-Be-Gone: Guess what?

Using FELIWAY couldn't be simpler! Just plug in the diffuser in your cat's favourite hangout spot, there's no need for complicated instructions or daily upkeep – just plug it in and forget it! Plus, it's totally safe and odourless, so you and your kitty can breathe easy. 


6. Happy Cats, Happy Humans: The best part?

FELIWAY Optimum delivers real results! Countless cat parents swear by its magic, reporting calmer kitties and happy homes. Just take a look on our Instagram or Facebook pages to see our happy FELIWAY fans!

As the summer vibes kick in, it's essential to keep our kitties feeling their best. With FELIWAY in your corner, you can banish summer stress for your cat and help your furry friend enjoy the season to the fullest.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab some FELIWAY and let the summer serenity begin! 

Are you planning holidays with or without your cat? Or are you interested in learning more about FELIWAY or our cat pheromone diffusers? Get in touch and let us know! We always enjoy hearing from you and talking about all things feline. You can also stay up to date with all the latest updates from FELIWAY by signing up to our newsletter.

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