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Why do they do that: insist on cardboard boxes so much?

Why do they do that: insist on cardboard boxes so much?

Life's great unanswered questions: Is the universe real? What is the meaning of life? Why do cats love cardboard boxes SO much?

Many owners will spend their hard earned pennies showering their cats with fancy toys and cosy beds only for them to be ignored. The object guaranteed to peak your felines interests? The packaging from your latest online shopping order.

It doesn't even have to be an appropriate size. No matter how small the space or how big the cat, flexible felines will find a way to squeeze inside.

Exactly why cats love boxes has remained a mystery — until now…

Practice Makes Perfect

How many online videos have you seen of cats popping in and out of boxes? If you're anything like us, LOADS! But why do cats love to hide in boxes before springing out to pounce on their favourite toy, friend or your foot?

Cats are instinctively drawn to enclosed spaces like cardboard boxes because they complement their ambush hunting style, which involves hiding and then explosively jumping out on their prey.

Open spaces aren't ideal environments for these tiny predators. Cardboard boxes give them a secretive hiding spot where they can patiently wait and watch the world around them before choosing to attack their prey. You know, like an invisibility cloak.

cat peering out of box

If I can fit, I will nap

As children, building a fort was the best thing ever right?! Why? Because it gave you the chance to create your very own private hideaway. A space that was safe, secure and more importantly YOURS.

Boxes have a similar appeal for your cat. They can create their very own cardboard castle — a den where they can curl up and take a well earned nap. And cats LOVE to nap — usually for around 18 to 20 hours a day, so they like to feel protected when doing so.

Place a blanket in the box for extra kitty comfort.

cat lying on box

Warm & Cozy

"Where's the cat?" a question posed by EVERY cat owner at some point.

Boxes aren't the only place cats love to hide. You may also find them tucked away in bathroom sinks, laundry baskets, suitcases and shopping baskets. What do all these spots have in common? They're small and well-insulated.

So why do our feline friends insist on these cramped hangouts? Simple: cats LOVE to be cozy and warm and curling up in small spaces can help regulate their body to the perfect snoozing temp. It's like when you get into bed on a cold night and you snuggle down under the duvet.

cat under blankets

Do Not Disturb

Cats are cryptic animals who love to hide.

Enclosed spaces, like cardboard boxes, give them a safe place to retreat to if they're feeling threatened or receiving unwanted attention from a certain annoying housemate *cough* the dog *cough*.

A 2014 study found that cats with boxes were happier because it gave them a place to retreat to.

Hiding in boxes allowed them to feel more relax. Not unlike FELIWAY. FELIWAY gives your cat the same safe and secure feeling that they experience when curled up inside their favourite cardboard box.

The happy messages released help your cat to cope with any challenges they may have to face throughout the day. So instead of hiding in a box, FELIWAY creates four invisible walls that give them the confidence to go out and be the happiest cat they can be. Probably doesn't make for as fun YouTube videos but we'll take a happy cat over funny cat any day :)

happy cat in box


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