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What Do You Need When Getting A New Kitten?
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What Do You Need When Getting A New Kitten?

It's exciting when you know a new little kitten will be joining your family! This new bundle of fun will need lots of attention, resources and patience to help them settle into their new home, so to make sure you are prepared for their arrival, here's a list of things you will need to think about.

It's exciting when you know a new little kitten will be joining your family! This new bundle of fun will need lots of attention, resources and patience to help them settle into their new home, so to make sure you are prepared for their arrival, here's a list of things you will need to think about.


Kitty Travel

First, you will need to ensure your kitten arrives to their new home safe and sound. The safest and most practical way to do this is in a cat carrier - never be tempted to let your kitten run free in the car whilst you are driving. It's amazing how kittens can escape from even the tightest of hugs - and a loose cat in a car can be dangerous.

Prepare your cat carrier before collecting your kitty and ensure there is a nice comfy blanket and a new toy inside to keep them occupied. If you have a long journey home, have some kitty treats to hand and some water to keep them hydrated.

Make Them Feel at Home!

Even though they are probably the smallest member of your family, they still need a lot of resources to make them feel at home!

Kittens Will need:

Somewhere to sleep: Cats love to curl up into a nice snuggly ball and snooze at will. Kittens especially need lots of sleep, so make sure they have a comfy bed and some hiding spaces where they can retreat for a cat nap. Remember they also like to be up high, and will love a cosy spot above everything!

Somewhere to play: Playtime is great fun but make sure you get down to their level and play with them on the floor - this way they won't be daunted by someone towering above them and be more encouraged to join in. Putting aside some time for play will help you bond with your kitty, and is good for kitty stimulation and development - after all cats are well known for chasing mice so when it comes to the real thing, they'll be experts!

Something to play with: At first your kitty might need a bit of encouragement to play as they will be a little nervous, but toys that they can chase (like a soft toy mouse on a string) will soon have them running around! There are some great toys available to keep a cat busy, but they very often love to play and hide in a cardboard box or chase a table tennis ball around, so you don't always need to spend lots of money on toys.

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Somewhere to feed: Kittens need different food to grown-up cats, so make sure you have the right food and treats available when they arrive. Place their bowls (for food and water) in a regular place so they know where to find them; it can be close to their bed, but keep them well away from their litter tray. Nobody likes to eat in the bathroom!

Somewhere to go to the toilet: Using a litter tray normally comes naturally to cats, but you can help them along by putting the tray somewhere discreet - away from the hustle and bustle of the house. Perhaps this might be behind furniture or in a corner - but never where it might be noisy, like next to a washing machine. Don't forget to change the litter regularly - cats are clean animals and don't like using an already soiled tray.

Somewhere to scratch!: Cats naturally use their claws to scratch things as it's good exercise, keeps their claws trim, and they also scratch to mark their territory. However, you want to avoid them using your furniture for this, so providing a scratching post will give them the exercise they naturally need and protect your home too. Place it close to their bed - they like to have a good stretch when they wake up!

Somewhere to visit to keep healthy: It's essential to register your new kitten with a vet straight away. Firstly, arrange for your vet to microchip your kitty and give them a health check soon after you bring them home. They should also have all the normal kitty vaccinations (for rabies, upper respiratory infections and distemper) and if your kitty is going to be an outdoor cat, they should be vaccinated against the feline leukaemia virus.


Although cats are considered independent animals, they still need their humans to take good care of them! Making sure they have regular health checks, keeping their resources clean and available at all times, putting aside some regular playtime to stimulate and bond with them - all make for a content kitty.

However, if your new kitten doesn't seem to be settling in as quickly as they should, consider using a FELIWAY OPTIMUM Diffuser which recreates the messages given off by mother cats and can help make new kittens feel at home.


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