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Sorry! This is why your cat is a bit weird

Sorry! This is why your cat is a bit weird

Could you describe your beloved furry friend in just ONE word?

We bet the first words that come to mind aren't 'ginger', 'tabby' or 'fluffy', they are far more likely to be words describing your cat's character, right? Words like 'affectionate' or 'playful' or 'bossy', to name just a few.

Every cat owner knows that, just like people, felines have unique personalities resulting in different moods, likes and dislikes - all of which we fall in love with, of course.

But in recent years more research has been done into feline personalities than ever before. Scientists from the University of South Australia surveyed 3,000 cats (OK, their humans might have helped) and from the results came up with 5 categories of feline personality. *

Your kitty can have a combination of these personality traits, as we say, no two cats are the same! By tracing your cat's personality pawprint you can make sure you are giving them the right kind of care. Check out our list of feline personalities and see if you can recognise your kitty.

1, Neurotic, the Timid Tabby!

cat hiding under blanket

If your Fluffy scores highly for neuroticism then they are probably shy around new people and uneasy about new situations. These kitties will appreciate having lots of quiet and cosy corners to tuck themselves away in when they need a bit of peace.

The person at the party who stands in the corner, quietly sipping their drink.

FELIWAY CLASSIC releases calming pheromones that help nervous felines overcome their social anxiety.

2, Extrovert, the Fearless Feline.

Cat in box


Extraverted cats have 9 lives and will live each of them to the full. Try keeping an extravert down, these kitties are lively explorers who are always finding new spaces to explore and new games to play. They need to be entertained so having plenty of toys around will delight them - bonus points if their human can join in with the game.

The person at the party who dances like no one is watching, drawing in crowds as they spin tall tails and make themselves the centre of attention.

3, Dominant, the Top Cat.

White cat showing dominance over another cat


Dominant cats know what they want and how to get it. They can be confrontational, sometimes not taking 'No' for an answer. If your dominant kitty has to share with others, you might notice that they become territorial.

The person at the party who talks a bit too loudly, drinks a bit too much, and gets a bit jealous if you don't spend enough time with them.

4, Impulsive, Cat-ch Me If You Can!

Ginger cat on top of door


These cats will very rarely be caught enjoying a cat-nap! Impulsive cats are full of surprises. Incredibly restless, you never know what they will do next. Cats who score very low on impulsiveness are very happy in a set routine and a comfortable environment.

The person at the party who comes dressed in a neon-coloured feather boa, starts the conga line and keeps trying to juggle your cutlery.

5, Agreeable, The Purr-fect Pal.

Cat cuddled up with owner


Agreeable cats are soppy furballs who just want to curl up and be given lots of cuddles and affection from their beloved family. These cats make themselves comfortable wherever they go. An agreeable cat has amazing therapeutic benefits, so they are particularly desirable for older owners.

The person at the party who always has your back, does everything to make sure you're having the best night, and holds your hair back if the evening gets slightly out of control...

But as any cat owner will agree, it's always the one you own that's the best! Because what makes your kitty perfect above all else is that they are yours, and you're theirs.

*University of South Australia Study

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