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Happy Snack by FELIWAY – The New and Unique Calming Treat For Cats

Happy Snack by FELIWAY – The New and Unique Calming Treat For Cats

We all love living with our cats. They’re cute, fluffy, great companions and always manage to cheer us up! But as much as cats love living with us too, there are some parts of our modern lifestyles that they can find just a little unsettling. Well, at FELIWAY, we’re always on the lookout for ways to help our furry friends. So, may we have your attention please, as we have some exciting news to share . . . 

We’re now introducing our brand-new, unique, lickable cat treat: Happy Snack by FELIWAY!

Not only does our unique treat help your cat when facing stressful situations, it can also be a great way to spend a special moment together each day. Let’s explore exactly why we think Happy Snack by FELIWAY will leave with you one delightedly happy cat!

What is Happy Snack by FELIWAY?

It's no secret that cat anxiety can disrupt the peace and happiness of both pets and their humans. In fact, the mere thought of an unfamiliar situation can trigger a whirlwind of emotions! This is where our new treat comes in, offering a new approach to calming cat treat solutions.

Happy Snack by FELIWAY is more than just your average treat. It’s definitely delicious (to cats at least!), but it’s also a great innovation to help your beloved feline. That’s because the calming cat treat boasts a unique formula with the trusted ingredient alpha-casozepine at its core. This natural milk protein is renowned for its appeasing properties and is great for promoting relaxation and reducing signs of cat stress

Happy Snack by FELIWAY is a treat that goes beyond mere indulgence, offering relaxation and a path to a happy cat. In fact, more than 86% of cats who’ve tried Happy Snack by FELIWAY have loved it! We recommend daily use to create a special moment with your cat, and after a few days you should begin to see results. So, say goodbye to those anxious moments and embrace the promise of a calmer and more peaceful life for your cherished feline friend.


Cat eating Happy Snack by FELIWAY from a spoon.


What Can It Help With?

For cats facing stressful situations, offering Happy Snack by FELIWAY a few days in advance can work wonders. It allows your cat to build up a sense of calm and relaxation, helping to make the experience less distressing. In your routine and ‘together time’, Happy Snack by FELIWAY can play a role too. Sharing these treats during your bonding sessions can create positive associations, enhancing the quality of time spent with your pet.

When you need to distract your cat from a potentially anxiety-inducing situation, Happy Snack by FELIWAY can serve as a delightful diversion. It offers a tasty, comforting option to redirect your cat’s attention.

For introducing new people to your cat, Happy Snack by FELIWAY can become a bridge of trust. They can offer the calming cat treat from an outstretched arm, reinforcing a positive interaction and starting to build comfort in their presence.

Happy Snack by FELIWAY can also be used in situations where two cats are just getting used to each other’s presence, where each cat can be offered a treat. This helps to create a positive atmosphere and can ease the process of integration, helping the cats to become comfortable together. 

You can use Happy Snack by FELIWAY in conjunction with any of our other FELIWAY Products to create a reassuring environment too.


Happy Snack by FELIWAY on a spoon.

How to Use Happy Snack by FELIWAY

Utilising Happy Snack by FELIWAY for your cat is both effortless and versatile, and is also a great way of combating signs of cat stress Here are some options for using this calming cat treat:

    • Topper For Regular Food: You can squeeze Happy Snack by FELIWAY as a topper over your cat’s regular wet or dry food. This can help to make their daily meal more enticing, with the added bonus that it’s sugar-free, preservative-free, and contains 8 kcal per stick.
    • Straight From The Stick: For moments of close bonding and togetherness, you can give Happy Snack by FELIWAY directly from the stick. Once opened, gently squeeze the snack to the top, allowing your cat to lick it as it comes out. This creates a special time of affection and shared moments, strengthening your bond.
    • In An Empty Food Bowl: Another option is to place Happy Snack by FELIWAY in an empty food bowl. Your cat can enjoy the treat at their own pace, giving them a delightful and delicious snack.
  • On A Spoon: To offer a more interactive experience, you can place  Happy Snack by FELIWAY on a spoon for your cat to lick. This method still encourages a close connection between you and your pet without having to squeeze the tube. 
  • On A Lick Mat: A lick mat can be a useful tool for various situations. When you need to distract your cat, such as during grooming or applying a parasiticide to their skin, spreading Happy Snack by FELIWAY on a lick mat keeps them engaged during the activity.
  • The different ways Happy Snack by FELIWAY can be used ensures that you have a solution at hand to soothe your cat in any situation, transforming moments of potential cat stress into opportunities to strengthen your human-cat bond.

    We’d love to hear all about your experiences using Happy Snack by FELIWAY! If you have any comments or any pictures or videos of your furry friend enjoying our new treat, please don’t hesitate to send them to us. It makes all our work worth it! Otherwise, you can also stay informed with our latest tips and product advice by signing up to our newsletter.

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