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Fireworks During COVID-19

Fireworks During COVID-19

We at FELIWAY are enjoying the #clapforcarers! What a wonderful way to show our support to these amazing people. Some of our fans have reported fireworks being let off as part of this which we know can sometimes be distressing for our pets so we wanted to remind you all of our top tips to help protect them.

With it happening at 8pm each time it ensures we can be prepared.

  1. Make sure your cat is in - get your cat in early and keep them inside, this way you will prevent them being spooked and potentially running away as this can happen when they are spooked.
  2. Close all curtains, windows and doors - to muffle and lights or sounds.
  3. Put the TV/Radio on - louder than usual to muffle the noise.
  4. Get something tasty and fun ready - why not bring out their favourite treats or toys to play with them just before and after.
  5. Provide a hiding place - cats love somewhere high to hide away. Make sure either their favourite spot is accessible or create one using blankets in an area they naturally go to and give them space.
  6. Litter tray - if you are keeping them in for a longer period of time than usual, make sure you provide them with a clean litter tray.
  7. Use FELIWAY Optimum - it is clinically proven to support cats during stressful times and so plugging this in reinforces your home feeling safe and secure

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