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How FELIWAY Optimum helped rescue cat, Cliff, settle into his new home

How FELIWAY Optimum helped rescue cat, Cliff, settle into his new home

We love hearing your stories of how FELIWAY has helped you and your fur babies! We recently spoke to Taylor about her 13 year old cat, Cliff. He joined Taylor's family as a rescue from the RSPCA after his first owner sadly passed away. Cliff was grieving and had experienced a lot of recent changes so Taylor and her family used FELIWAY Optimum to help him adjust.

Tell us about the day you chose and rescued Cliff?

I have wanted to give a rescue cat a home for years, and have always felt passionate about giving older cats a chance - my grandfather had an older cat who kept him company in his final days and I feel a duty to repay that kindness. When we moved out of a city and into the countryside, we decided it was time! Over the Christmas break in 2021, I spotted his lovely ginger face on the RSPCA website and just knew he was the one.The staff at the RSPCA were great, we had a little video call with them and they sent us a lovely video of Cliff doing his distinctive raspy meow, as we couldn't meet in person due to Covid.

"He was quite quiet at first"


How did Cliff Settle at home?

I was really worried about how Cliff would settle - he had one owner who had sadly passed away and I knew he would be missing her. He was also dropped off by the RSPCA because of lockdown, riding in a van full of other kitties  which he must have found distressing.

He was quite quiet at first, but immediately cuddly - he loves a good sit on a lap. 

Why did you decide to us FELIWAY Optimum?

A friend had advised me to get FELIWAY Optimum and plug it in before Cliff arrived - she said it would help him settle, and I really think it did!

"It really makes a difference, as he is hiding a lot less and seems very happy!"

Cliff (1)

What did you see from using FELIWAY Optimum?

So we are sure it helped Cliff settle, both when he arrived and when we had to move house a few months later. Cliff can be quite skittish when there are strangers around, and so we've started using FELIWAY Optimum regularly to help him feel calmer and less worried - I think it really makes a difference, as he is hiding a lot less and seems very happy!

Cliff (2)

How did it feel being able to help Cliff with FELIWAY?

No one wants their pet to be upset, so it was great to feel I could prepare for his arrival and now keep him calm and happy in the long term!

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