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Coronavirus changes to our routine: 3 Vet expert Tips to help your cat adapt

Coronavirus changes to our routine: 3 Vet expert Tips to help your cat adapt

In these challenging days your cat will be obliged to share their home with you and your family all day. This change is difficult for us but also your cat.

Normally you have a part-time relationship with your feline friend; you are out of the house for many hours working and enjoying your social life, and your cat can be very happy when you finally come back home. However, in the current situation having all of the family around all day long can be very stressful for your cat. Remember, cats love peace and quiet and being in control of their home and routine.

That's why FELIWAY have asked a Vet expert for useful tips :


"Your cat knows that this strong proximity you're having is not the one you usually have when you're on holiday, they can recognise the climate and realise that they haven't faced any trips or travel. This sudden change in its routine sounds strange also for your furry friend", says the behaviourist Sabrina Giussani.

Pampering your cat is a very comforting activity for you and your cat but we have to be careful with this human behaviour in order not to generate, even unconsciously, any stress or discomfort in your pet!

You can also play with your lovely friend, see ideas below.

You and your family being at home all day could annoy your cat, as they may find it more difficult to find a quiet place to have their cat nap. Make sure your cat can still access their favourite resting places and elevated places where they like to watch what is going on!

cat being cuddled by owner


First of all, no panic! Your cat can pick up on your anxiety, so it is better to limit manifestations of stress and agitation to avoid transferring this to them.

Try to use this time to deepen the knowledge of your cat and reinforce your relationship [link to cat body language quiz], when your cat shows they're ready you can play funny games with them and find new ways to be happy together!

1. Hide and seek

Hide some treats - which are part of the cat's daily ration - under the corner of a carpet or towel lying on the floor. You can play together to find them


2. Water game

Put a small quantity of water in a basin and dip a plastic ball or a paper boat: play with the cat to push the object here and there on the surface of the liquid


3. Hunting game!

Fill the bottom of a cardboard box with at least two layers of balls made of paper and throw a toy mouse so that the cat can "find it" as if it were hunting.


4. Catch it if you can

Build a paper plane and challenge the cat to catch him during the flight. Alternatively, you might consider a covered or contained litter box which is a good way of containing any spillage.


cat playing with toy


Feliway Classic Diffuser sends a natural message of comfort that creates a peaceful, reassuring environment in the house and helps to prevent and manage the stress in your cat and being even happier together!

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Stay safe!

The FELIWAY team


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