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Cat's behaviour, or how to understand your cat

Cat's behaviour, or how to understand your cat

You love your cat very much, and sometimes, you feel powerless when it comes to understanding them...

Having a conversation with your cat is not possible, but there are many ways to know how he feels.

Read our tips to become an expert in reading your cat's behaviour. It will increase your cat's feeling of security, so that you can be even happier together.

Cats love to feel in control of their environment

When they feel this control they will carefully mark their home using facial marking, and leave “happy messages” (or pheromones). This happens each time your cat rubs its face against furniture or nuzzles up against your legs.

When you notice this cat behaviour, you can be sure that your cat is feeling great!

Things that may disturb your cat

Many things can disturb your cat's need of stability, and impact your cat behaviour.

For instance, every time you move furniture, bring in new furniture, do a major housecleaning, renovate your house, do some DYI work at home… This can remove the “happy messages” left by your cat, and then they don't feel at home anymore.

When this happens your cats become disorientated, and you can see your cat behaviour change: in your cat's language, it's a sign of discomfort.

Other things that may affect your cat happiness are access to food, heat, water, litter, attention and competition in the household with other cats, as well as visitors to the household.

Your cat loves stability. If your cat has been out for a time (for instance, after staying in a cattery, or in a vet clinic), he might feel a bit lost when coming back home. Indeed, all his “happy messages” will have disappeared during his absence! He will simply not recognize his own home!

Perhaps the biggest change that your cat can go though is moving home. After a move, you feel a bit lost yourself. Same goes for your cat! Entering a home with none of his “happy messages” on the walls will create a big stress for your cat. This can affect your cat behaviour and your cat will maybe hide more, or even start spraying or scratching.

In these times of change, using FELIWAY OPTIMUM is a great help, as it sends “happy messages” and brings a feeling of happiness and security.

Using FELIWAY OPTIMUM in the areas your cat frequents will help them to adjust more easily to any changes going on.

Signs of an unhappy cat


cat spray on cushion

Pee outside litter?

cat hiding


cats fighting


cat grooming

Over grooming?

tired ginger cat

Low activity?

cat and empty food bowl

Loss of appetite?

cat has scratched the sofa


Unlike dogs, who give obvious signs to their owner when they need something, cats are far more discrete and complex in showing what they need.

Knowing the common signs when your cat is feeling upset is essential. It will help you increase your cat's well-being and make your cat feel safe and happy.

Using FELIWAY Optimum will help to keep your cat feeling secure and at ease at all times, making for a very happy, playful, and affectionate cat!

Further advice on keeping your cat happy

For further information on cat language, or cat behaviour, visit International Cat Care.


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