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Cat Names in 2023! 20 Ideas For Male and Female Cats

Cat Names in 2023! 20 Ideas For Male and Female Cats

“Names have power”  
Rick Riordan
(#1 New York Times bestselling author)

Have you become the proud pet parent of a new cat? Then it’s time to pick the purrfect name! You can have great fun deciding the ideal one that suits – for example, your kitty may remind you of one of your favourite characters in a book or on TV, or you might choose a name influenced by where or when it was born. 

Whatever name you choose, a kitten should start to respond to your name cues within a few weeks of positive training.

If you’ve adopted an older cat, they may already have a name - and although it might be less confusing for your cat to keep that name, it is not impossible to retrain an older cat to respond to a new one. 

To help your cat adjust to their name:

  • Use their new name continuously, while rewarding them. Just remember to keep their food intake in mind – you may need to reduce the size of their meals, or try using some of their daily food allowance of dry food as a treat.  
  • You could give your cat a double-barrelled name to start with – their original name as well as their new name. If their original name was Bella, and you want to change their name to Sushi, start calling them Bella-Sushi for a while and gradually drop Bella until they start responding to Sushi alone. Again, always use positive training as encouragement. 

10 Ideas for Male Cat Names

We asked the FELIWAY team to let us know the names of their feline friends – here are some of the most popular ones:

  1. Alfonso

    Of Italian origin, Alfonso was also a royal name in Spain, meaning ‘noble and ready’.  It could be a strong name for a cat who likes to be king of all he surveys!

  2. Romeu

    A derivative of Romeo, Romeu is a name widely used in Portugal and Brazil. As well as being associated with having a loving nature (like Romeo and Juliet), there are a few famous footballers with the name – Oriol Romeu (a Spanish professional footballer), Romeu Pellicciari (a famous Brazilian footballer in the 1930s) and, of course, Romeo Beckham (son of the the famous David Beckham). Perhaps cats with this name will have a loving nature and love playing with a ball!

  3. Leo

    Leo, (Latin for ‘lion’) is a very popular male cat name. Lions, along with domestic cats, are considered a part of the feline species. It is a particularly popular name for cats with long, thick coats that have a mane-like collar around their neck like Maine Coon cats, Siberian Forest cats, and Ragamuffins.

  4. Spitfire

    If you want your cat to make a big statement, this is a great name! It was once given to a grey tabby kitten who was a hangar cat at the CAF Museum in Midland, Texas, and who stowed away in the corner of a B-29 bomb bay.  So if you have an adventurous cat that is full of character, this may be the name for him!

  5. Sheik

    Many cats have that stately appearance that can sometimes be mistaken for independent aloofness, but if your kitty has a regal appearance – and rules the house – what better name than Sheik (can also be spelled Sheikh).

  6. Zyon

    Of Hebrew origin, this name means the Promised Land or A Sign. But of course, the pet parents of Zyon may have been fans of Bob Marley and his lyrics, ‘I'm gonna be Iron like a Lion in Zion’!

  7. Busch

    Perhaps this kitty’s name was inspired by the German nineteenth-century artist Wilhelm Busch, who is regarded as one of the founders of modern-day comics. He is known in particular for two characters named Max and Maurice – naughty boys who got themselves into all sorts of trouble! Do you have a mischievous kitty?

  8. Pipo

    Maybe your cat is a little ‘rounded’ – if so Pipo might just suit him as in Spanish, it means ‘bloated’. Or perhaps his pet parents are gamers and have named him after the very helpful robot who appears in a 1997 classic survival horror game and who is instinctively, or naturally helpful.

  9. Moisés

    Moiseés is a Portuguese and Spanish variant of Moses. It originates from the Hebrew language and means "drawn out".

  10. Asuma

    In the Japanese anime, Naruto, Asuma Sarutobi was the sensei that led Team 10.  He was also a member of a group of twelve highly skilled ninjas. Asuma, meaning ‘tomorow truth’ is a great name for a cat that is lithe, skilled and loyal.

10 Ideas for Female Cat Names

  1. Cosette

    This is a French name meaning ‘little thing’ which is very apt for a new bundle of fur.  Cosette is also known as the heroine of the Victor Hugo novel, Les Miserables. 

  2. Emilie

    Emilie is a girl's name of Latin origin, derived from the word aemelus which means ‘rival’. Perhaps this cat was a newcomer to the home and has had to learn to live in a multi-cat household.

  3. Masai

    This beautiful name of African origin means ‘owner of house and land’. If you live with a Turkish Angora, Siberian, or exotic Shorthair cat, then an African cat name, like Masai, could be perfect.

  4. Stripes

    Arguably, the most famous striped cat is Garfield. Perhaps Stripes is an alternative name for Garfield, or it may have been inspired by another feline comic character.

  5. Namasté

    Does your feline friend like to be treated like a goddess? What better name to give her than Namasté, which has one translation meaning “The divine in me honors the divine in you.” It also means “peace and equality. I bow to you”. Does your cat behave like a feline goddess?

  6. Tsuki

    The name Tsuki is a female name meaning "moon". A sweet and punchy Japanese name with a celestial meaning. Could be a good choice of name for a cat who enjoys their time outdoors overnight.

  7. Frida

    From the Old German frouwa, meaning ‘lady’. Freya was the goddess of love in Scandinavian mythology, but the name Frida may have been made famous by Mexican painter Frida Kahlo who gained recognition for, among other things, her courage in the face of adversity. This name would suit a strong, beautiful and courageous female cat.

  8. Fluffy

    Cats that have a long fluffy coat are frequently called Shaggy, Fuzzy Wuzzy or even Marshmallow! But, why not Fluffy – describing your beautiful cat to a ‘T’!

  9. Sakura

    This is one of the top cat names in Japan and means ‘cherry blossom’ which is celebrated in the Spring because of its natural beauty. Give your kitten this name and she will certainly bring beauty to your home.

  10. Tigresse

    A great name for a Bengal cat with a beautiful coat that can be either spotted or marble patterns in brown, silver or snow – making them look like miniature cheetahs or leopards.

We hope this selection of names has given you some ideas, but if you are still not sure remember a few basic rules:

  • Keep the name short and sweet
  • Choose a name that you won’t tire of
  • Consider your cat’s personality
  • What do they look like?
  • Make sure everyone in the home agrees to the same name!

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