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Cat & I: Adam & Suki

Cat & I: Adam & Suki

Our monthly series explores the modern relationship between owner and cat, the challenges people face and the incredible benefits of owning a cat in this hectic, fast-paced world.

This week's duo is Adam and Suki. Adam co-owns High End custom built bike shop Cloud 9 Cycles in Soho and lives in London with Suki, his 4 year old Bengal Pure Bred.

We sat down with Adam to discuss how Suki became part of their family, her celebrity alter ego and what makes their relationship so special.

How did you find Suki? Tell me the story of how she came to you?

Suki came to me through my girlfriend (now wife) who wanted a pet cat to keep her company when she lived alone a few years ago. When Mon went to the breeder, Suki was curled up in a corner, fast asleep and looking very cute. We actually share the same birthday, so Mon thought it fate and chose her.


What is Suki's behaviour like at home?

Suki absolutely rules the roost. Whether it's eating, sleeping, or playing, it's all on her terms.


Have you had any issues with Suki? What was your solution?

Suki has always been a nervous and sensitive cat and is easily frightened. She has a real tendency to bite her stomach and lick it bald, which is horrible to see as you know she's unhappy. This got a lot worse when we had builders in doing an extension last year, the noise, extra people and disruption to her routine made her really upset. We were recommended FELIWAY CLASSIC diffusers by a friend and they have been a real game changer‚ we now have them in almost all of our rooms (4 in total). As soon as they were plugged in you could see she was content and became a lot more friendly to the builders. The work is now complete but we still have the diffusers and the fur on her stomach has completely grown back.


What's the best thing about your Suki? How does she make you smile?

The funniest thing about her is how she terrorizes next door's Jack Russell dog (called Jack). She will often chase him around the garden and eventually follow him through their dog flap causing chaos inside.


Does Suki have any mischievous habits?

Her mischievous habit is always being able to get into her food drawer‚ often she will get into the drawer underneath when we are not looking and then climb up the back till she reaches the booty.


What makes your relationship with Suki so special?

I think it's the fact that she is definitely a part of the family and will make it known if you have upset her, this in itself means that you have work extra hard to satisfy her, but it's definitely worth it.

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