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9 Signs Your Cat Likes You - Plus How to Build Your Bond!

9 Signs Your Cat Likes You - Plus How to Build Your Bond!

There is a misconception that cats don't show love and affection to their owners and that  purring is the only indication they give to let us know that they are happy. But cats are very discreet and there are other signs and actions that, if you know what to look for, will reassure you that your cat thinks you are wonderful!

Have you been missing these amorous messages from your kitty?

9 Signs Your Cat Likes You

Happy Cat being stroked

    1. Let's start with purring: The most common purr indicates that your cat is very happy in your company; they will purr when they are relaxed or being groomed, or they may even purr in a slightly higher pitch if they want you to do something for them (like give them food or open a door).  But cats might also purr (almost a meow) if they are in pain or agitated, so listen out for the subtle differences so that you can react accordingly.
    2. Being groomed: Grooming is a great way to develop your bond with your cat. Cats love to be stroked or gently groomed around their ears, cheeks and under the chin -  this is where their facial glands are. But beware, even though they may lie on their back with their tummy exposed when they're feeling relaxed, this is one area they probably don't like to be groomed! Lying with their tummy exposed is a sure sign that they trust you enough not to touch it.
    3. Grooming you! We know how cats like to groom themselves to keep in tip-top condition, but when they start to groom you, you will know that you are definitely in their good books! Cats groom other cats and humans to show their affection by mingling their scent with yours. This behaviour builds a community scent between you both and shows they trust and feel relaxed around you.
    4. Head butting:  Similar to grooming, cats save this loving action to use with members of their social group; as they release pheromones from their head and cheeks when they are head butting you or rubbing their head against you, they are reinforcing their bond with you.
    5. Kneading:  When your kitty jumps on your lap and starts to knead (alternately pushing their paws forward and then pulling them back again) it's a sign that they are relaxed and feel confident when they are with you. It's a natural instinct that they use when they are kittens and they knead their mother to increase milk flow, so it could be comforting and some experts see it as a sign of pleasure. 
    6. Slow blinking: If your cat is blinking slowly whilst looking at you, it's not because they are feeling tired!  This is a friendly greeting and their way of sending you 'cat kisses'!  So, now's the time to tell your cat how much you love them by slow blinking back at them! However, make sure you don't stare directly into their eyes, as they will interpret this as threatening!
    7. Upright tail: Your cat's tail is a great indicator of how your cat is feeling, so if your cat is approaching you with their tail upright and there's a kink at the end, you'll know it's a sign that they are pleased to see you.
    8. Meowing: Cats save this form of communication for humans and rarely meow at other cats! They do meow when they are first born and use it as a form of communication with their mother, and the fact that they choose to meow or 'chat' with you means that they are comfortable being around you.
  • Sleeping on you: A sure sign that your cat likes and trusts you, is if they climb onto your lap for a snooze. Cats choose to have their catnaps in safe places, like high up on a shelf, because they can feel vulnerable - so if they curl up on your lap for a snooze they obviously feel a strong trusting bond with you.

How To Tell Your Cat You Like Them Back!

cat on the lap of human

Cats are not like humans - a tight hug doesn't mean the same to a cat! In fact, if a cat is picked up and hugged, it frequently will make them feel stressed and they will fight and struggle to get free as they do not like to be restricted and not in control. Instead, wait until your cat comes to you, and show them you love them back by stroking them around their ears and cheeks. If they are enjoying the interaction, are relaxed, and like to be picked up, then you could slowly and gently lift them up, continuing to stroke them around the ears and cheeks. Try and follow your kitty's lead and learn about how they like to interact with you so that they continue to feel relaxed, in control, and know that they're interacting with you on their own terms! 

Greet them with a slow blink, set aside a specific time during the day to play and interact with them, using their favourite toys (cats are most playful in the early morning or early evening), and make sure you spend downtime with them curled up on the sofa or listening to music.

Of course, the most important way to build your bond with your cat is to ensure you provide everything their heart desires on a daily basis! From giving them their favourite food, to cleaning their litter trays, and from providing cosy beds or 'safe spots' around the home to learning to 'speak cat' - you can also help them feel calm and serene with the support of FELIWAY Optimum - a new feline pheromone complex which helps cats feel safe and in control of their environment - something that all cats desire!


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