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4 Tips To Keep Your Cat Active and Healthy

4 Tips To Keep Your Cat Active and Healthy

How can you keep your cat in tip-top kitty condition? 

From their food to their friends, and to a happy environment; we all want the very best for our fur-babies! And just like humans, following an active and healthy lifestyle is important to keep your cat happy and well.

Of course, it's not always easy to tell if our cats are getting regular exercise - they love to lounge, and aren't as easy to walk as our doggy friends!

So what can you do to ensure your kitty stays active and healthy?

cat playing with ball

Tips to Keep Your Cat Active and Healthy

1. Set regular playtimes to play with your pet!

Playtime is a perfect way to get your kitty moving, stretching and having fun! Helping your pet to hone their chasing, catching and pouncing skills, playtime can help cats to burn off extra energy, have fun and help them to bond with each other - and you!

To keep your cat active and happy, set a regular playtime with them at the same time every day for around 20 minutes, take a look at our top 5 fun activities to play with your cat! Scheduling playtime in the evening is ideal as your cat will be most playful at this time!

2. Provide a scratching post and different toys

Does your pet have everything they need to stay active around the home? A sturdy scratching post (one for each cat in the household) will help them fulfil their natural need to scratch, stretch and sharpen their claws (and help to redirect any misplaced scratching!). 

Providing lots of different toys will also encourage your kitty to play while exercising their body and their mind! Moving toys that grab attention and encourage chasing and pouncing, such as feathers on string or ball type toys are ideal. Challenging and interactive toys such as food puzzles can also keep your clever kitty thinking but be sure to rotate, change up and occasionally hide the toys that you share with your pet. This will keep them interested and ensure they love playtimes!

cat playing with mouse toy

3. Create some kitty games!

If you want to make playtime extra exciting, why not play a few games with your pet? Kitty treasure hunts, where you hide treats or some of their regular food in a range of hiding spots, can help your pet to use their hunting skills, while keeping them active and busy. 

4. Make sure you have lots of space

In between rest times, playful happy cats will often like to stretch their legs and move around. They may even have a run-around and enjoy chasing each other in the evenings! Make sure you have lots of free space for your kitties to run around and play in, and try not to block them into one room but let them have their freedom.

cat playing with feather toy

Happy, Healthy Kitties!

There are lots of ways to keep cats happy, active and healthy! Above all, making sure that cat follows a regular, small portioned diet (without too many treats!), and helping them to get the exercise they need will keep them in tip top shape!

Using FELIWAY Optimum Diffuser in the rooms your cat spends the most time in will also help to support a calm, happy, healthy environment for your kitty, helping them feel safe and comfortable to stretch their legs!

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