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25 Happy Cat Stories to celebrate FELIWAY 25 Award!
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25 Happy Cat Stories to celebrate FELIWAY 25 Award!

We received over 3000 amazing cat stories from around the world, to help us celebrate the FELIWAY 25 Award last year!

Some of your stories told us how your cats choose you, some explored how your feline friends helped you through COVID lockdowns and restrictions - and a lot of stories explained how FELIWAY has helped you and your kitty be happy together!

Here are some snippets from just some of the amazing cat stories we received. Enjoy - they are guaranteed to make you smile!


25 Amazing Cat Stories

Happy Endings!

  1. Sunday the cat (named after the day she was discovered!) was found by a gate, cold and abandoned. But now, she's loving life curled up in front of the fire!  
  2. Peanut was the only survivor out of a box of kittens left outside the vet's door. But her adopted parents took her home just before Christmas - what a wonderful Christmas present!
  3. Bow was left in a bag outside a cattery, but since being adopted he has helped his family through illness and has become a photographic model!
  4. Mila was discovered abandoned in a carrier bag, but has since helped her new owner through some troubling times, and now never leaves her side.
  5. Sira was adopted from New Start Rescue, Spain who rescue street cats in Granada. It was love at first sight and since Sira arrived in Scotland she and her human have been inseparable. They were meant to be together - Sira has brought so much love and joy with her from Spain.
  6. Opera - a French love story! After having lost previous cats, this human didn't want any more - until she met Opera. Opera now shares their life and their bed, giving them little nudges when she wants to be caressed.two beautiful cats looking down from staircase

    Covid Support

    We have all faced challenges during the Covid pandemic, but it has been amazing how your cats have provided unconditional love and support.

  7. Oreo (originally named Pencil by his 4 year old human because he was tiny!) has not only become the second baby in the family, he has brought loads of fun, cuddles and mental support to his humans during lockdowns.
  8. Georgie wasn't coping after the loss of his kitty siblings, but when Nala, a new kitten, joined the family he found a new purpose and did everything for her, including washing her and playing. During lockdown he also became a cuddly lap cat to his hospital worker human, who looks forward to his cuddles after a hard day at work.  
  9. Tinkerbell's unconditional love has been 'life changing' during the pandemic providing essential therapy for her human.
  10. Ralph has been his human's 'ride or die' saviour during lockdown. His human is a  psychotherapist and specialises in working with trauma. Being uncertain whether he could cope with a cat, he now says ‚ÄúThe winter lockdown would've been a very different experience without him‚Äù.
  11. Smudge has loved the past 15 months 'helping' her human when working from home. She joined live video conferences, sat on the keyboard, jammed the printer and filled the waste paper bin, to name but a few lockdown antics! Find out what our feline friends would like us to know about home-working here.
  12. Lilly has been hailed as a 'healer' by her human mummy who struggled mentally working from home during the pandemic. 'She is an intelligent creature, and replies with meows and gestures' Not only that, she is a staunch football supporter and watches all the England matches while sitting on her human Daddy's lap!Happy cat and owner

    From a Cat's Point of View!

    Some of the stories we received were even written from a kitty's point of view!

  13. Ralph (or Ralphy when he's being extra adorable) mentioned how he likes to chase his own tail; he also wants to confess to his shoe obsession, particularly his Daddy's slippers, he loves to climb and recently has discovered the clothes horse! You heard it from the cat's mouth!
  14. Tosha admits to being a very posh cat from Cambridge. She shared her first experience of a human, who tried to get rid of her in a plastic trash bin. She was found, and fortunately, Tosha has now chosen some new, kinder humans! Even though she still gets a little stressed, she now feels that she's Queen of the Castle and has her own room complete with throne, food and treats! Royalty indeed!
  15. Suki is nearly 14 years old and mentioned her 'two uprights called Valerie and Cliff'. She adores both her humans, or 'uprights', but especially Valerie, who has worked tirelessly to try and soothe her neurotic kitty personality. She promises always to be there for her humans, as long as they need training - but admits that she couldn't do it without the support of her trusty friend, FELIWAY.  I think we know who's the boss in that family!
    two beautiful kittens looking up

    Overcoming Adversity

  16. Our next story has come from Mateo. Mateo was born in Santiago de Chile, in a shed. A few days after he was born he had an eye infection that left him partially blind meaning he kept bumping into things when looking for food. A loving family rescued him even though he had a bad prognosis. Against all odds, his adopted family spent all their time nursing him back to health. Love won the battle and now the family has a beautiful Siamese Cat!
  17. Chloe was a senior cat when she was adopted but she needed a prescription diet due to frequent vomiting. Chloe had been living with a dog that she didn't like and therefore spent most of her time alone upstairs or outside. Apparently, she liked some fuss but wasn't a lap cat; neither did she like to play and didn't really climb.
    After three months, things have changed! Chloe is now an affectionate cat, who loves attention. She tries to climb but due to her weak back legs she can't quite make it. She wakes her humans up with a little chirp every morning and is now an important part of her new family. Her vomiting is no more!
  18. Hana is a young male cat who was rescued from the street in Cairo during the Covid pandemic. A cat charity looked after him and transported him safely to the UK.  Although he acts like a typical teenager - sleeping all day and partying at night he is more submissive to his adopted older Essex girl moggy. He now sits like a guardian at the front door, looking just like a mini Sphinx!
  19. This lovely story from a Spanish human, did not name her cat, but we wanted to highlight the amazing feline love of a mother cat. A neighbour's cat gave birth to 3 cute kittens in a hedge. Our cat lover visited them every day, but noticed that one of the kittens had sadly died so her husband removed it, leaving two kittens for the mother to look after. To their surprise, every day they returned they noticed that the mother cat had replaced the dead kitten with a mouse -  according to her she had three kittens. Even a feline mother's love is infinite - and now the cat and her two kittens have been adopted by their kind human.

    Stars in the Making!

  20. Hugh was shot and his leg was shattered! Even though they had no insurance, his human parents refused to have his leg amputated but had expert surgery, and had a metal plate inserted instead. 5 months later he is jumping and running around and he now helps to raise funds for a local cat charity and has his own Facebook page.
  21. Meet Trevor, the adopted tuxedo rockin' domestic shorthair!  Trevor has settled into his new home, now belongs to a pet agency and has over 700 followers on Instagram! His human does, however, have extra help to keep Trevor calm while he is posing for photos - she always has a compact FELIWAY spray to hand!black cat sitting in grass

    FELIWAY Success Stories

  22. Coconut, one of three very young kittens, was seriously ill when found in the bush in Mozambique. Their adopted humans nursed them back to health and fought to bring them home to the UK after Covid hit. They successfully returned home, with the help of FELIWAY which made the journey as stress-free as possible.
  23. Ted was introduced very slowly to the two other elderly Siberian's living at home, Steve 18, and Stanley, 3. Steve was his usual parental self and looked after Ted straight away but Stanley changed from being a loving gentle boy into an aggressive hissy cat - it was clear he didn't like Ted! It was suggested that their humans tried FELIWAY Optimum and very quickly, harmony was restored and Stanley and Ted are now best buddies and romp around together!
  24. Shadow Moon also known as Boo (as he liked to hide and pop his head out quickly!) was rehoused because of a move. At first he would not settle but his human had faith, she persevered and with the help of a FELIWAY Diffuser, Shadow Moon is now a very happy contented cat. No more 'Boo' and hiding, but now he is 'Shadow Moon' because he has come out of hiding places and follows his human everywhere.
  25. Mr. Tom chose his new forever home. His new humans tried to find his original family, without success. Mr. Tom was very ill, anxious and stressed, so the vet recommended using FELIWAY to help keep him calm and relaxed. He has now been officially adopted by his new humans and they can't imagine life without him!

   Discover the International winners announced during the FELIWAY 25 Cat Lovers Show.

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