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10 More of Your Happy Cat Stories

10 More of Your Happy Cat Stories

Love for our cats is strong - and judging by your own relationships with your cats, it just might just be what makes the world go around!

We've been blown away by all of the amazing cat stories you have shared with us - here are a few more of our favourites!

Let's start with some love stories!

ginger cat sat with owner

Love is in the air!

  1. When beautiful cat Daisy went missing, this owner did everything she could to find her - including posting on Facebook in the hope that she would have been seen. When one response offered help - plus a cheesy chat up line - Daisy's owner ignored it at first, and as luck would have it, Daisy reappeared a few days later. But, plucking up courage, Daisy's owner revisited that conversation on Facebook, and the rest is history! This kitty couple now have their own home, and plan to get married! Now Daisy and her happy couple enjoy their life together believing that love was definitely in the air!

    Love at first sight

  2. This couple were very keen to adopt a cat, so when they heard about the only survivor from a box of abandoned kittens, they knew it was meant to be. Although this kitty had a very tough start, she was a survivor. She was hand reared by the vet who took incredible care of her until she was ready to go to her forever home. Her new human parents visited her multiple times a week to build a bond with her, and finally brought her home just before Christmas. Peanut is wonderful and brings so much happiness and joy to her new family. After a shaky start in life, she has grown into a beautiful cat who is loved by everyone who meets her, but especially her Mum and Dad!beautiful silver grey cat

     A lovebug!

  3. Mabel, an elderly Persian cat, was one of the worst neglected cases the vet had seen. It was uncertain whether she would pull through. But the vet knew that she would have a good chance of survival if she was cared for by a special couple! Her new owner admits to shedding tears when she first met Mabel, as she was very frail and ill, but Mabel came home to live with 4 other rescue cats. Worried that the other cats might bully Mabel, her owner plugged in FELIWAY Optimum and sprayed the cat's sleeping areas to reassure all cats during these changes. Fortunately, Mabel was accepted by the other cats and is now the happiest kitty love bug!

    Life Savers

  4. This family adopted their kitten during lockdown at the request of their young 4 year old son. He was originally called 'Pencil' because he was small. But when his humans noticed he was also the same colour as their son's favourite biscuit, Pencil became Oreo! Oreo has been more than a lockdown kitten, he has given a lot of support to his humans with their mental health. Oreo loves to snuggle up, be walked outside on his lead and gets lots of playtime with the family.  It looks as though he might rule the house now and is surrounded by love, and FELIWAY Optimum ‚ - which helped Oreo relax during new years eve firework celebrations!
  5. Mila has been described as 'a blessing to my life' by her owner. When her human struggled with mental health and despair, she found Mila abandoned in a carrier bag - and the two became life savers for each other. Mila now stays by her human's side every day since!
    tiny kitten sat on owners hand

    A Rockstar

  6. According to his human, Ozzy the cat is the most beautiful living thing she's ever laid her eyes on! A proud part of the family, Ozzy is the funniest, craziest, loving and sweetest cat his human and her husband have known. With crystal blue eyes and a beautiful voice, Ozzy certainly steals the show!

    New Friends!

  7. Jenny, is a blind rescue cat from Cyprus, and whilst she was quite happy integrating with the existing cats in her new home, she was not at all happy with other newcomer cats! Even after gradual introductions, Jenny was still completely terrified of new cats, and felt they were invading her territory and home. Being blind, Jenny's sense of hearing and smell is very much heightened, so new cats coming into her territory affected her in a very dramatic way. She was scared of everything, would lash out and growl, yeowl and hiss at things that weren't even there, because she could smell where they had been. Then her owners introduced FELIWAY, and the situation changed almost immediately. Jenny is now much more relaxed, doesn't lash out or growl, and isn't scared anymore. The family now has 4 very chilled happy cats!
    cute tabby kitten on white bed sheet
  8. Muffin is a 17 year old tuxedo cat and a best friend to her owner, but when they had another addition to the family, a lovely baby boy, Muffin became very nervous, showing a lot of anxiety symptoms.  Muffin's owner tried everything to help her settle, including cardboard boxes, scent patches, catnip, and even took her to the vet to get her checked out in case there was an underlying medical condition.  Then they decided to try FELIWAY Optimum and began to see positive results. Muffin is now much happier and back to her normal affectionate self.

    A Relaxed Cat

  9. Pixie was adopted from The Sheffield Cat Shelter in October 2020. She was both anxious and occasionally aggressive. When Pixie was taken to her new home, she hid under the bed unless she was eating and still showed signs of aggression, she had clearly been mistreated previously. Thanks to FELIWAY, Pixie is now one of the most loving and laid back cats ever known! She loves to sit on her owner's desk, and on the edge of the bath and even has a cuddle in bed some nights. She is fully out of her shell and loving life in her forever home.

    A Happy Kitty Home

  10. Clark is an intelligent tuxedo cat and  is now 11 years old. He has had a tough journey where he was rejected from his mum when born, travelled on a train from Scotland to London and recovered after a traumatised vet admission. FELIWAY products have truly helped Clark's journey and has kept him calm even with new people coming into the flat.  His owner (a health worker) calls him her 'FELIWAY' as he has kept her calm through the pandemic. She says, 'It was important when I wasn't home that Clark kept happy - and he is now one happy cat! Thank you FELIWAY".

    You are very welcome - and thank YOU to everyone who has shared their FELIWAY stories with us. The FELIWAY team!happy ginger cat on white bed sheet

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